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care of patients with
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Building Trust Between the ED and Hospitalists: Just Identify The Right Stuff

By Mark Alderdice, MD, FACEP

There is a growing movement towards embedding hospitalists in the emergency room to improve efficiency in the transitions of care. I think great things come from collaboration, but after working very closely with our hospitalist team over the years and trying to balance what they want and need with what we want and need, I have concluded that emergency physicians (EPs) can actually enable hospitalists to spend their time more efficiently on the inpatient floor and not the ED.

In working with our hospitalist leaders on a variety of projects, from bridging orders to sepsis care, the key ingredient that seems to be missing again and again is trust. The EP lacks trust that the hospitalist will assume care of the patient in a timely manner, and the hospitalist lacks trust that the EP has done an appropriately thorough workup and arrived at an appropriate disposition decision.

My Journey Through the Beginning of Hospitalist Medicine

When I started working as a hospitalist in 1998, there were only a handful of such jobs available in the country. Hospitals were either thinking about starting a hospitalist medicine program or trying to decide if they even needed one. I started working as a hospitalist right out of my residency at Cook County Hospital outside of Chicago (which was an experience in itself). I was full of energy and knowledge, as I had just taken my ABIM boards, and thought I could handle anything. Well, my first few years were very humbling. I found out I had a lot to learn about medicine and life. It was a challenge to try to navigate patients’ end of life issues while figuring out if I really even wanted to be a hospitalist for the next 20+ years.  

I used to get comments from the PCPs that the hospitalist was just a highly paid resident, because if you were a real physician, you would take care of the patients in the clinic as well as when they were in the hospital. Or that a hospitalist was just a temporary phenomenon that would not last. And there was always the comment that hospitalists could not know a patient they were seeing for the first time as well as a PCP who had taken care of the same patient for years.

Recent Developments in the Acute Care Continuum

Here are some interesting articles and events related to the Acute Care Continuum:

  • Webinar: Achieving ED-Hospitalist Integration - CEP America (4/19/12)
    Emergency physician Jeffrey Bass, MD, and hospitalist physician Denise Brown, MD, will discuss how the relationship between the ED and hospitalists can improve and the subsequent impact that can be felt throughout the hospital. Registration is still open.
  • Economics Alone Drives Healthcare Reform – HealthLeaders Media (4/3/12) 
    John Commins says that it is not the Supreme Court or patient care that is driving healthcare reform, but rather the financial issues involved.

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